BTC Robotics Crypto Broker Review

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BTC Robotics review. All you need to know about platform.

The platform and the software are user-friendly, easy to operate which allows you to enjoy instant online trading accessible anytime and anywhere. BTC Robotics is suitable both for beginners and experienced traders.
If you need help in trading, you can get professional advice from your personal account manager. Note that customer support is always ready to help you out too. And they do really work their best for you not experiencing losses or delays with your trades.


Type: Broker

Regulation: BTC Robotics is a crypto-focused brokerage organized under the law of the Isle of Man, UK


BTC Robotics Account Types

User-friendly Platform

If you are looking forward to trading as smoothly as sailing in breezy ocean waters, you can rely on BTC Robotics. It is a multi-functional trading platform easy to use with a market watch, built-in indicators, extended depth of market and even an opportunity to rent a virtual server. The platform provides quite a generous leverage (up to 1:500)

Free services are always flattering so don’t hesitate to pick up your mood with a welcome bonus.

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is a multi-asset mobile trading application for Forex and Stock Exchange Markets. You can login to it with no time or inconveniences on your Android smartphones and tablets or use it right away on the web. So, you can trade from anywhere in the world with your favorite device.
Also, if you are not the most organized person and things can slip your attention, no worries: good old “robots” are there for you. Of course, we are talking about having the ability to create a trading robot in the MQL5 which will make the process automated and will free your focus for some other trades.

MT5 gives you a flexible and functional way of trading 4 execution methods: request, market, instant, and exchange. Additionally, there are a variety of tools for analytics: advanced charting system, time periods, technical indicators and scaling models.

MT5 Web Platform allows you to trade without downloading any additional software, but it is not limiting you on any features. You still can do instant single-click operations and access support of all trading instruments offered by BTC Robotics.

Variety of Deposit Methods Including Crypto

Deposits of funds are available by different methods of payment like credit/debit cards Visa, MasterCard, swift, wire bank transfers and in different currencies. You can deposit with cryptocurrency too (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum). For depositing in crypto – just contact the account manager. Keep in mind that Bitcoin deposits in general are non-refundable, so handle your cryptocurrency assets with extra care.

No Deposit Fees

Good news, folks: BTC Robotics does not charge any fees for depositing money but be aware that there can be bank fees and commissions. Deposit will be processed instantly or in 2-3 days (depends on the type of transaction).

Video Tutorials

Excellent and detailed video tutorials will help you to get oriented and will give a perfect explanation on trading rules, stock options, foreign exchange markets. Tutorials will be handy even for creating winning strategies and playing the market for your benefit. For beginner’s convenience there is a Glossary – full of terms and with easy search by alphabet or just by typing the word. You can easily become a smart cookie in the trader’s world.

The Economic Calendar of BTC Robotics helps to follow updates on the biggest markets and main indexes in real time.

Starter Deposit: With this brokerage you can start trading from €250/$250, It might be a deal-breaker for beginners because a lot of rookies prefer to start with toy money and only then get deeper. But if you have some experience or confident in broker skills and abilities to trade – just go for it. It is not that much for someone who knows what he/she is doing. Minimal Withdrawal Amount The minimum amount of withdrawal for BTC Robotics is €100/$100. For many that could be seen as real annoyance and even as an unfair requirement. But in general, not too many people want to deal with withdrawing 5 or 10 dollars. It is time-consuming to claim each small earning. Process of Withdrawal In case of quite big withdrawals over 10k literally plan far in advance because the process may take up to 3 business days. But if you value other features of BTC Robotics you can put up with this inconvenience.

The Verdict

BTC Robotics Verdict

Despite some disadvantages, BTC Robotics is worth a try. You can find yourself enjoying using a great platform with a lot of advanced features and learning a bunch about trading strategies in an efficient manner as a newbie. Well-done and thought-through video tutorials will make your learning and trading curve much faster and more productive. Put some real money and effort in, and you can easily succeed making profits with all advantages of BTC Robotics. One of the most exceptional pluses of the platform is that you can trade cryptocurrencies. Most brokerages propose only stocks or stocks and commodities. MetaTrader 5 is an excellent tool for you to proceed forward with your trading experience. All in-built features are helpful for smooth trades without losses, requotes and slippages. BTC Robotics is all about one-click trading and access anywhere anytime. For a better trading journey the optimized strategy tester and support of automated trading software are there for your service. Long story short: advantages of BTC Robotics are significantly outnumbering its downsides and provide one of the best trading experiences.

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05/06/2021, 16:05
5 5
Joining BTC Robotics has been one of the turning points in my life and I would have never imagined that. I always tried to be active within my school’s startup community and am personally a keen follower of btc robotics and their investment thesis. Within the first 3 weeks, your broker will go through all the basics you need to know to better prepare and enhance yourself as an investor. After completing the first 3 weeks, the next 5 weeks is the fun part. It is an incredible learning curve in these 5 weeks since. It is also important to bear in mind that, it is a program where you will get results if you are active. I got an understanding individual who constantly tries to help by sharing his expertise candidly and accurately. Gratefull!
05/01/2021, 10:20
5 5
I have been trading a lot on their platform. The platform is generally good. I am confident to commit my hard earned money to them. For now.
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