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City FX Broker is one of the most established brokers in the foreign exchange market. They are currently servicing customers across 100 countries around the globe. They are maximizing every customers’ potential to make regular earnings using robust trading technologies. Regardless of where you are located, your level of experience trading forex or your economic status City FX Broker provides a customized service offering to fit your needs. It is owned and managed by a company called
Zets Invest LTD.


Type: Broker

  • The MT5 platform runs on a highly sophisticated software application that is unrivaled in the industry. It executes trades almost instantly without delays.
  • One of the traits of good traders is that they never stop learning, and City FX Broker provides comprehensive training materials. All the articles I saw on their site are very detailed and encourages continuous education with up-to-date materials.
  • City FX Broker offers exclusive leverage of up to 1:500 ratio to their customers. It is very rare for you to find another broker offering the same level of leverage. They also offer various classes of financial instruments to trade with basic trading costs.
  • The security protocol they put in place to protect the client’s data and private information is top-notch. City FX Broker also has a very tight privacy policy that ensures your data never ends up in the hands of the wrong people.
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    Account Types Available

    City FX Broker offers different account types to meet the needs of every customer regardless of their economic status. A unique effort they are making to ensure all clients have an equal opportunity of making money on their platform.

    Personal Account Manager

    Using City FX Broker means you always have a professional trader you can consult if you experience some difficulties trading or using the platform. Unlike other brokers that offer a template type of response when you ask them questions, City FX talks with you. I found it surprising to know that they provide an account manager’s help for free. Other platforms bill you for every additional service they provide to you.

    State of the Art Trading Platform

    A significant portion of being a successful trader depends on the quality and responsiveness of your trading platform. City FX Broker understands this fact, and that is why they went ahead to invest big in building a reliable trading platform. The MT5 platform of City FX has the latest multi-instrument trading platform where you can trade any asset from gold to Forex and everything in between. Trading with this platform guarantees you don’t get any trade rejections, no re-quotes, and slippages. The icing on the cake if that you can trade from any location using any device you have in your hand as long as it has an internet connection.

    Very High Leverages

    Leverage is an essential part of trading, and a good broker will advise the customer on the importance of using it. City FX encourages the clients to utilize the high leverage they offer. The customers of City FX are reducing their risk exposure by using the leverage. As long as you are a customer of City FX, you get the opportunity to minimize your risk and maximize your profit by making use of the leverage.

    Far-reaching Support

    They are available 24/7 Monday through Friday to answer your questions via email, live chat, or phone. The quality of support is world-class. They pay attention first to understand your needs and then go ahead to provide you a simple solution to solve the problem. Their technical support goes beyond speaking with a client they also offer well detailed educational materials you can reference when something is unclear to you.

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    • No Demo Account

      If you are new to trading, you at least need some training with a demo account to understand how the system works. However, on City FX, this option is not available. Instead, they provide account managers to help you get started. It shouldn't scare you because they offer training materials and ongoing support that you will need to succeed. If you have any question about the system or trading, you can reach out to your account manager to help you answer the question.

    • Initial Deposit Requirement is on the High Side.

      Some traders regardless of their experience level, prefer to test the waters first with very little deposit before going big. For a trading newbie, the initial deposit requirements of City FX might be significant, but in the long run, it is worth it. At the moment it is $250, which I think isn't that expensive if you are already an established trader. The upside to this initial deposit is bigger than the downside because in addition to your opportunity to earn a lot of money you will also receive access to comprehensive training materials that will be relevant to you in your entire career as a trader.

    The Verdict

    My Two Cents

    There are some disadvantages to using City FX Broker, but the advantages outweigh them 3x. For every inconvenience, there is an equal workaround that basically eliminates the existence of such drawback.

    I usually pay more attention to the advantages a platform provides because that is precisely where the opportunity of making money is. With video tutorials demonstrating all the complexities of the trading platform and comprehensive instructional materials they offer, City FX Broker is a good platform for both new and professional traders.

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    Avarage rating: (92.38%)
    Reviews counted: 21
    08/09/2019, 11:16
    5 5
    I was referred to this cityfx by a colleague who already trade with their help. if I make the same profit in the coming months, I may quit my day job and go all in with Forex.
    08/08/2019, 15:24
    5 5
    I think city fx should give a medal of freedom to my financial adviser because he is damn good at his job. Ask for the best account manager of the current month.
    08/08/2019, 15:12
    5 5
    My first month with was good and I'm in the second month. I'll wait and see how everything pans out before making any definite decision to stick with them or go elsewhere. I've had some experience with systems like this where people make money in the first money and then gradually start losing money.
    08/08/2019, 13:59
    5 5
    Connection to the trading platform is good with normal internet. Funds withdrawal and support requests are managed very fast. Thats like a 5 stars rating for their support team. I've been using the system for 4 months and the experience has been good.
    08/07/2019, 23:28
    5 5
    I’ll give them 6 STARS if I could. But in the real world -- I don't like them
    08/07/2019, 19:55
    5 5
    Just made my first withdrawal. Thanks guys for helping me double my money. I can\'t believe it at all. They play by the book and no under hands at all.
    08/06/2019, 11:13
    5 5
    i made 5000pounds last month & reinvested it i hope i wasn't stupid to do that. Ask for Steve he will help you.
    08/02/2019, 20:35
    5 5
    I see scammers at every corner so I couldn't believe it when I finally found a broker that sincerely cared. I may city fx broker.
    08/01/2019, 22:23
    5 5
    My bullshit detector usually goes off when I see brokers promising more than 100% return on investments if you use their platform. Be careful some of these brokers don't care about you.
    08/01/2019, 19:21
    5 5
    Who are all these people saying city fx account mangers are good at their job? I think they suck at their job. I called my account manager several times the dude didn't return my call for an hour. If I have £2500 balance in my trading account I expect you to pick my call immediately. I rate their support 0 stars. Their trading software on the hand is good. Thats all.
    08/01/2019, 15:06
    5 5
    I've always been unlucky with brokers until I found City FX Broker. They helped me get started and their trading style suits me. The only thing I don’t like about them is that withdrawal takes more than a day.
    08/01/2019, 11:52
    5 5
    I thought it was all BS when I read the testimonies of people using city fx so I went in with one foot. Well, I\'m 2 years in business with them and they haven't broken one promisee they made. I lost a lot of money last month but I'm optimistic the coming months will be better.
    07/29/2019, 08:14
    5 5
    Just made my first withdrawal. Thanks city fx for helping me double my money. I can't believe it at all. They play by the book and no under hands at all.
    07/25/2019, 14:13
    5 5
    Made my first withdrawal today although with a little delay but very excited about it.
    07/22/2019, 12:17
    4 5
    36 months in the game and city fx broker is still my go-to broker up-to-date.
    07/09/2019, 08:28
    3 5
    One thing I like about their platform is that it executes my trades really fast. I'm still wondering why other platforms aren't as fast as city fx broker.
    07/07/2019, 15:05
    5 5
    The system is well-built, the MT5 responds very fast. My previous broker was terrible, and I thought all trading platforms are the same until I found City FX. The transaction execution speed is quick, haven't seen any requotes yet. Their customer support is also good. Thanks, City FX for the excellent work you are doing!
    07/01/2019, 18:01
    5 5
    I'm surprised I haven't pissed them off yet. I ask dumb questions sometimes but my account manager always answer with a smile. Ask for Steven he is a wonderful account manager.
    06/29/2019, 18:53
    2 5
    06/08/2019, 15:46
    4 5
    MY LAST BROKER SCREWED ME OVER WHEN I WANTED TO WITHDRAL MY PROFIT SO I LEFT THEM. Fortunately for me I found city fx and tried to withdraw funds after a month and it went well.
    06/06/2019, 01:56
    4 5
    My experience with has been good from the onset. The customer support service is professional and responsive. I had problems setting up my account, but my account manager swooped in immediately and helped me figure it out.
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