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FXM Capital is an emerging broker that has already proven itself as a competitor to some of the most popular brokerage companies out there. The company’s focus on values such as privacy and security, honesty, mutual respect and the continuous improvement of trading technology all serve as indicators of the experience you will have in choosing to work with it.

The website is owned and operated by MTP Holdings Ltd.

Visit: https://fxmcapital.com

Type: Broker

Regulation: CySEC, FCA


Great platform

FXM Capital is one of the first brokers to start using the new and highly improved MetaTrader 5 platform. Its predecessor, MT4, has become incredibly popular during its run and was seen as a benchmark for others to compete with. The case is exactly the same with MT5, with which you can generate advanced reports, always have a great choice of analytical tools at hand, and even let the platform perform automatic trading.

Diverse accounts

Having more than one account type to choose from is almost always the preferred broker you want to go with. Each account type at FXM has its own entry point and underlying trading conditions that go with it, representing the cost. While it is understandable that most users will refrain from moving to anything above the basic account type, there are those who do not limit themselves, and thus, they are granted far superior trading conditions and the opportunity to make even more profits.

Extensive support

FXM Capital has a support center that can be reached quickly Monday to Friday via live chat, phone, or email. Based on the different calls we made inquiring about various aspects of the platform, registration, and withdrawals, you can count on a professionally trained team to take care of any issues you have and help you overcome them. Additionally, the supporting material that is available for free in the form of tutorials, eBooks, and articles, will help you better comprehend all the nuances of the trade game and let you advance towards a new level of understanding, one that is necessary to see real success and money making.

Good trading conditions

Leverage and spreads are things you want to be looking out for when choosing a broker. While they are not amazing in any way, they are good enough for anyone to make a legitimate profit in a few trades, if not one. With above average leverage indicators in particular, under the right circumstances you have every chance to upgrade your account on fxmcapital.com by doing the right deals a certain amount of time, after which, you will find that it is as the middle and high tier accounts where things start getting really interesting and the money in question is substantial, to say the least.

High minimum deposit

For many, an initial deposit of $250 will seem like too much, and this will deter them from wanting to join in on the fun. While this is a mere formality for professionals and people with money to spare, the bar is set quite high for beginners and those who don't have the money to spare. However, if you think about the potential profits you can make only with $250 and some leverage, it is not that much in the long run.

No demo account

Not having the opportunity to learn and train without committing real money is always a downside. For beginners especially, it is always preferable that you get a feel for the platform at first, learn all the ins and outs. Unfortunately, the option of a demo account is not available here, meaning once you open an account, it is all real, and you will be leveraging your own money in the trade deals.

FXM Capital offers only fixed spreads, which are very high

The Verdict


Even if we make a big deal out of the fact that the minimum deposit is a lot higher than average, and that you have no opportunity to learn all the intricacies of the platform beforehand via a demo account, it would be unreasonable to ignore all the strong sides that FXM Capital possesses.

The support department employs professionals that seem to know their material and are fully capable of answering your questions on their own without referring to pre-written answers.

The trading conditions are above average, with spreads and leverage making it possible for anyone to establish a stable income and start making profits without the threat of being scammed.

Lastly, the MT5 platform serves as the foundation of it all, granting you all the tools in the world for carrying out deals smoothly and without unnecessary losses.

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Avarage rating: (87.14%)
Reviews counted: 14
12/28/2018, 09:03
5 5
From my experience with this broker, I've come to these conclusions: FXM processes withdrawals same day for bank cards (if not in few minutes). Never had connection issues, only if I’m outside on the web platform via phone. Deposits are processed by fxm capital quickly. Their call-me-back service is second to none. I've never experienced a better call back service. Their customer service representatives seem to understand FXM Capital's products, and aren't afraid to discuss them with me, unlike other brokers whose representatives sound like robots (they only copy and paste whatever answer their management must have designed for them).
12/27/2018, 18:10
4 5
I'm still a beginner, have 2,5 months of experience. I have fallen into the common pitfalls dealing with some Forex brokers. All the previous brokers I had registered with I found a common theme of them trying to get my deposit as quick as they can and making promises of unrealistic profits. Last month after registering with FXM I received the call from a woman that is now my manager. What a breath of fresh air this call was. I was given advise on how to start out, learn the platform, and surprisingly, not to rush with my deposits. It seemed like she actually cared. I was also offered free education with no deposit, but I think it’s available to anyone on the site. I make profit 5/7 times according to my manager, which is very good. Didn't try withdrawing on fxm capital yet, but it seems people have no issue with that.
12/27/2018, 10:14
4 5
Yesterday was the first time in my 5 month trading career when I made my 1 month's rent equivalent in 2 weeks of trading. This is a personal milestone for me, and I'm looking forward to improving my track record even more. The tools that come with the mt5 platform are great, but require some time to get to know them. Baby steps the first few weeks, and now I'm fully able to support myself and pay off all receipts exclusively by trading. Perhaps in time I will be able to leave my job and work from home. fxmcapital.com normal broker, thanks a lot. No forex scams here for me.
12/14/2018, 01:52
5 5
FXM is one of the most appreciated brokers in my opinion. I decided to take a serious step in my forex career and open an advanced account type. Thank God I’ve been this lucky so far. Their server is always good and stable and I never had any problem with them. I registered 3 months ago and so far I have so much earnings in my account that I feel like superman. I am also able to withdraw to my MasterCard very fast. Overall, I am very satisfied with FXM Capital and must recommend it.
11/21/2018, 19:29
4 5
Decent spreads, good leverage, great support. I've lost more than I earned so far, so I'm pretty upset about that, but it's mostly my fault. Counting too much on luck. Too lazy to learn all the fundamentals myself.
11/19/2018, 19:20
4 5
Good advice from the personal manager. Helped me understand a lot of what was going on on the platform. The bonus for the deposit was also welcome. Make sure your internet speed is at its best when putting order through, as it can mess up your execution speeds and lead to some serious losses. Unfortunately, this happened a few times, but I made up for it in the long run. Suggest watching the video tutorialson fxm capital as well. Lots of important info there.
11/17/2018, 01:10
5 5
FXM has everything a trader my need. The new generation platform works a lot more smoothly than its previous iteration. My personal manager is always there to answer any questions or issues that arise. I've been making a steady $70 a week so far (on fxm capital). Obviously, not without losses, but in the long run, the profits will outweigh the losses if you know what you are doing and are not simply relying on luck.
11/16/2018, 19:16
5 5
I tried a demo account with a different broker but decided to start trading with actual funds with this one. First week was hell. I lost 90% of my initial deposit, but after that things turned around. Now I'm 4 months in and have multiplied my investment by 6,5x. A few days ago I withdrew everything but my first deposit sum to save it and will begin building up my account once again. Can recommend FXM Capital broker. No major issues so far.
11/08/2018, 18:02
4 5
You can only have your account currency to be GBP with a premium account on FXMcapital, which is way too expensive, so I have to make an extra transaction when converting. Withdrawing via bank wires takes way too long. One time I waited 5 days. Other than that, I’d mention that my personal manager is the only thing making me stay, gives lots of good advice.
11/04/2018, 18:03
4 5
Have been trading on fxm capital for a couple weeks now and haven't encountered one issue. From the looks of it, FXM Capital doesn't seem to be in the business of scamming you out of your money, and they try their best to address any concerns you have. The lady on the other side of the phone (my manager) is a pleasure to talk to, always makes everything seem easy to me. I really have nothing bad to say about FXM - I set my account up, paid via Visa, and within 48 hours, I was set up for trading on MT5, which I can't compare to anything else, but it seems good. As long as withdrawals go smoothly as they have so far, and as long as they don't make that process difficult, I'll be a happy customer.
10/15/2018, 17:21
5 5
Decent spreads and overall trading conditions. Mt5 is considerably better than its predecessor, at least for me. There is a noticeable difference in execution speeds. Maybe it's the new gigabit internet I have ) The biggest issues I had with my previous brokers were stupid complications with withdrawals and the brokers seemingly manipulating the execution speeds. So far I haven't encountered either of these, so I'm satisfied with my choice of https://fxmcapital.com so far.
10/06/2018, 15:01
3 5
Things were good the first two weeks for me, but the last month I have been experiencing losses almost exclusively. I don’t even feel like continuing anymore. Most of the trading I do is on my phone, and it seems like the order execution speeds are screwing me over at times. There order is supposed to go through at one time but does so like up to 3 seconds later. Customer support keeps insisting it is because I use mobile internet, which isn\'t that reliable. I disagree.
10/01/2018, 12:15
5 5
I consider myself a veteran of forex. I have been trading since summer 2014 when I came to the conclusion I needed a secondary source of income. 5 brokers later and here I am with an account at FXM Capital. I was sceptic at first, it seemed like every other broker, but as soon as I downloaded the new platform, it was game on from there. So far for every 2 trades I lose money on, I make profit with around 5. If you remain consistent, you will understand this is a very desirable result. Sure there were weeks when I lost up to $700 and felt like quitting, but I persevered, and will soon be making my first grand purchase - a new Tesla )
09/06/2018, 09:29
4 5
Like the user interface and the platform. You can definitely feel the difference with MT5. There are hiccups at times with the order execution speeds, but that is like every fifth trade, so it's alright. Most of the trades I do with fxmcapital.com is on the phone, so fortunately the web trader works just as well as the platform, which I only tried for a few days.
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