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With over a decade’s worth of experience and clients from all across the globe, BoltFX has solidified its position as one of the more popular picks among individuals seeking to try themselves out in the foreign exchange market. Making an emphasis on mutual respect, data security, and the constant improvement of technologies and services, BoltFX manages to deliver a trading experience that is fit for both novices and experts. The company is owned and operated by ESS-Capital LTD .


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BoltFX uses what is arguably the best platform for trading at the moment – MetaTrader5. It is incredibly popular across the board with almost all brokers these days, and it is understandable why. A huge choice of analytical tools, the ability to generate advanced reports, high levels of customization, slick and convenient design and user experience, and even support for automated trading advisors. These are all highly beneficial things that experienced traders will not be passing on.

Educational and managerial support

Anyone can reach the BoltFX support department from Monday to Friday via phone, live chat, or email. Existing clients have the luxury of having their own personal account manager, which does wonders for not only answering questions that may arise, but also in comprehending and learning all the peculiarities of the trading platform. In addition, everyone can access the multitude of educational materials via the broker’s website. There, you will find video tutorials, articles, e-books, and other forms of information related to forex.

Satisfactory trading conditions

All BoltFX accounts have trading conditions that will satisfy the needs of their users. Leverage, in particular, is one of the best tools for making serious bank. Starting at 1:100 leverage with a Basic account and 1:200 with an Advanced account, any trader can use these tools to their maximum advantage and make ridiculous amounts of money with the right trades. With the Premium account, things get even wilder. The spreads are equivalent to the industry average, so neither bad nor good.

Simple choice of accounts

The problem with having too many choices is that it becomes incredibly difficult to choose a product or service among the multitude of choices that we are presented with. BoltFX simplifies the process of choosing a trading account and limits it to three different variants – Basic, Advanced, and Premium. With the key differences being in the minimum investment amounts and the leverage, practically all other aspects and trading conditions are shared, making all options worthy and suitable for everyone.


Minimum deposit is relatively high

While many have minimum deposit in the €100-200 range, BoltFx’s Basic account comes in at €250, which will undoubtedly push away a certain number of clients that are unable to invest that kind of amount of their personal money. This does, in a way, make BoltFX more suited to traders that either have this kind of money, or to those that already have experience and thick skin in the game, and thus, are counting on making a profit off of this sum, not burning through it.

No demo account for training

Something most rookie traders absolutely need are demo accounts. Unfortunately, BoltFX does not come with one, which again, can be seen as its preference for traders with existing experience. Once you open an account here, you are now using live funds, and all the leveraging you will be doing will be happening with real money. This, and the inability to learn about the MT5 platform in detail before committing real money are the downsides that are worth mentioning. On the plus side, though, your personal account manager can certainly help you with questions regarding the platform or any other aspect.

The Verdict


If we don't pay that much attention to the fact that there is no demo account for traders to train on and get acquainted with it, and that the minimum deposit is relatively high compared to some of its competitors, BoltFX actually manages to deliver quality service that is polished and somehow satisfactory in the moment of use. You certainly feel like a pro trader when using BoltFX's MetaTrader5.

With the industry leading MT5 platform, we experienced no issues whatsoever during our use. The level of flexibility that is available with the built-in customizability certainly makes the whole process more enjoyable.

Moreover, free personal account managers are a huge bonus, and they are extremely valuable to both new and experienced traders alike. Any issues we had were successfully resolved, all withdrawals came through, and the trading experience, in general, was far from stressful. It was almost like we were rediscovering forex for the first time, and the endless money-making possibilities that came with it.

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Reviews counted: 18
08/19/2019, 08:50
4 5
I had the fortune of trading with this company , they do offer what they claim to , and I was able to withdraw my funds to my credit card, that was two months ago. My advice - do not stay away from this company.
08/19/2019, 08:43
4 5
Hello I make deposit £1000for bolt-fx and after 2 weeks I have profit £403,65 and when I want make withdrawal what take it 7 working days to receive on my bank account.
08/14/2019, 21:48
4 5
I lost a lot of money trading crypto currency and binary options, and have been able to have all my money recovered by a recovery professional. You can mail me to share my experience trading, and my recovery.
04/15/2019, 09:31
4 5
This is my 4th broker in 2 years of trading. I can say that BoltFX is an average broker, has average spreads, good platform, good support. Pretty much everything you need to know. No demo account, so train somewhere else. Do not invest money without getting a feel for the platform first. I know too many people that lose everything and quit after they burn through their deposit without a clue of what is going on.
04/14/2019, 15:19
4 5
Registration was very easy. 2 weeks in and I just got my first withdrawal, so no more worries here. Video tutorials are nice, but I would prefer even more, since I am still confused about quite a few things. A few times I had problems with the platform on my iPad, where there were some delays between me clicking the button to close the order and it actually happening. This can be a serious issue with bigger sums, so I recommend you stick to the desktop version and always have a fast and reliable internet connection, preferably ethernet.
04/10/2019, 12:29
5 5
BoltFX user since 2016. It has come a long way since, and so have my trading skills. I started out with a basic $250 account and today I have more than $3000 (I made additional deposits 2 times for $250 each). This is the most reliable platform you will find on the market, and that is all you need to succeed as a trader. The educational materials are limited, but are good for complete newcomers. I personally make 90% of my profits from scalping, and would probably suggest everyone else do the same, but that’s for you to decide. Good luck!
04/10/2019, 09:47
4 5
As a beginner, I really appreciate when a broker can point me towards video tutorials on how to use their platform right away. I was surprised I got an account manager on top of things. I have been communicating with her practically every day since I started and I am seeing real progress. Even though I wasted my first deposit completely, I’ve been making steady progress so far and don’t plan on stopping. I think most people will be more than satisfied with Bolt-fx broker.
04/10/2019, 07:25
4 5
In general, I don’t have any complaints about BoltFX. My manager and the support team always respond on time, the spreads are decent, the occasional promotions are nice. The platform is definitely one of the better aspects. It is very stable, responds to my actions quickly, and very convenient since I can customize it. I had no idea what was going on at first, but the video tutorials helped a ton, and I have not regretted my decision to invest since then.
04/10/2019, 01:12
4 5
Terrific live support and help from the account manager. The advice I receive is very good, I would have failed a long time ago without it. MT5 is definitely what makes this broker good. It’s a very solid and stable platform, and the fact that I can automate my trading, which I have been doing for the last couple of weeks, is a very big plus for me. I don’t have that much time to learn these things, but I do have money to invest, so it a joy watching my automated robot make cash while I handle my other business.
04/09/2019, 09:36
5 5
I was on the lookout for a reliable broker with legitimately good customer service for a while now, and I’ve finally found what I was looking for. Bolt-FX is great in everything it does. Order execution is on point and without delays (most of the time), withdrawals are fast, and the platform is smooth and customizable, which is very important for me. All in all, this is an easy high five for me. Definitely recommend it.
04/09/2019, 09:12
4 5
2 months, 2 withdrawals, and 2 big paydays. So far everything is good with The platform is smooth, runs well both on desktop and on mobile. Spreads are average for the industry. Sometimes have trouble reaching my manager, but other than that I have no complaints.
04/08/2019, 17:03
2 5
Because of delays in order executions, I lost a lot of money. It seems like a third of the time the platform just purposely delays any actions so that everything goes not according to my plan and the profits are decreased or are lost altogether. Feels like I got scammed out of my money. Supports say it was business as usual and it is my mistake. Won\'t be seeing me anymore.
04/06/2019, 22:45
5 5
With an advanced BoltFX account, I made profits that are in the 5 digit range over a 7 month period. I’ve been trading for 4 years now in total, and to my own surprise, this is one of the best brokers out there. It may not have the best site, but everything else is practically flawless. I make withdrawals once per month and have 0 issues with them. Don’t even use my account manager unless something urgent comes up.
04/06/2019, 18:34
4 5
4 months since I joined with a $500 deposit. I am finally closing in on my milestone of $2000, after which I will withdraw $1500 and start the process over. The platform is legitimately good compared to others. Every now and then there are delays to order execution speed, which is bad, but it happens rarely. I notice more often on the mobile version. Maybe because of the unstable internet. Other than that, no complaints. Having a personal account manager is a game changer for sure, she helped me out with a lot of stuff I would never figure out on my own. Solid 4/5 for me.
04/06/2019, 12:10
5 5
Finally found a legit broker I am happy with. Everything is great. The biggest surprise was that I got a personal BoltFX account manager, which in my 3 years of trading experience has never been an option before. You won't go wrong with this broker.
04/05/2019, 22:46
5 5
I have 2 other accounts with separate brokers, all are running automated trading advisers, and in my 9 months run so far, Bolt-FX is definitely the best performing one. Not sure entirely why, but the profits speak for themselves. I do use the same trading adviser across all three platforms. I only have to check in for around 30 mins each day, so it is safe to say that life has been good lately, and I owe that to Bolt.
04/05/2019, 14:26
2 5
Because of my bank or because of this broker, I had to wait 6 days for my wire transfer to go through. After waiting for nearly a week to start trading, I lost it all in just 2 days. I think I lost my interest in forex after Bolt FX.
04/05/2019, 11:59
5 5
The platform runs very nicely, even on my phone. Execution speeds are fast, faster on the desktop version, the spreads are relatively low, and the support department is always there when I need them. It's my fourth month trading with BoltFX forex trader and I made +225% profits on my initial deposit. Withdrew only once, very quickly and without any issues or delays. I will be treating myself to a new TV with the money I earned next week!
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