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Although relatively new, BronzeFX has already established itself as a reliable broker on the foreign exchange market. Offering its services to clients in over 100 countries, BronzeFX brings some of the newest technology available to the table, maximizing every clients’ potential to make consistent profits, no matter where, how, or when they are trading. BronzeFX is owned and operated by TRS Investments Ltd.


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Choice of Account Types

Always go with a broker that present you with a choice of different account types to choose from. When it comes to BronzeFX, the differences in the entry points are quite substantial, but that is for a reason, and the benefits of the advanced and premium accounts make up for it.

Personal Account Manager

Unfortunately, few brokers offer their clients their own personal account managers these days, especially for free. BronzeFX isn’t in that list, offering every one of its clients their own assistant. Trained to assist you in whichever way deemed necessary, you can count on your manager guiding you through processes you need help with, be it trading, withdrawing, replenishing your account and more. The response times are quick, and the replies are comprehensible and to the point, making it some of the best service available from a forex broker.

Newest Generation of Trading Platform

Any professional knows that the trading platform is the centerpiece of the whole trade operation. It just happens to be that forex is one of the many industries where newer is better, and BronzeFX has the newest toys available. This is where the cutting-edge MT5 platform comes into play. With all the pioneering features of its MT4 predecessor and even more, MT5 is the perfect multi-asset trading platform. Whether it’s gold, stocks, forex, or cryptocurrencies, expect no rejections, no re-quotes, no slippages, and amazing leverages with this ground-breaking platform. Also available as a web platform, you can trade anywhere you want as long as there is a stable internet connection.

High Leverages

A very important criterion, especially when making big trades, leverage is arguably the most efficient way of using trading capital. It is precisely for this reason that professional traders value this indicator. Additionally, leverage is also great for reducing potential risks, which is something everyone will be after. BronzeFX has above average leverage indicators for its bottom and middle tier accounts. Premium accounts are where things start getting really crazy, and trade orders get as real as they can be.

Extensive Support

Available from Monday to Friday, reached via email, live chat, or phone, BronzeFX has legit quality support to offer for its clients. You can expect high levels of professionalism and expertise from the support team, as practically all the questions we asked were thoroughly and precisely answered. As for trading support, BronzeFX offers traders various educational materials for improving one’s knowledge. These are: eBooks, tutorials, and articles. Valuable information is also distributed via emails, updates from personal managers, and posts on social media. Overall, we can say with certainty that BronzeFX takes care of its own.


Demo Account Not Available

A big criterion for rookies is being able to play around with a demo account to get a feel for the platform and market in general, and unfortunately, Golden FX is one of those brokers that doesn’t offer demo accounts to their clients. This is likely due to them preferring to work with traders that know the basics and have some experience already. This issue is alleviated by the extensive support they offer both in terms of educational content, and via the help of the personal manager.

High Initial Deposit

For beginners especially, it is always preferable to start working with a small amount of money, preferably even in the cents range, which not a lot of brokers offer. BronzeFX has a minimum deposit of $250, which is a little over the top for a lot of newcomers. For professional traders, this is only a formality, but for new clients developing an interest in trading, this can be a setback, causing them to search for brokers that have a lower entry point. On the other hand, if you're approaching your trade career seriously, saving up $250 shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

The Verdict


BronzeFX comes with its flaws, which is seen in the lack of a demo trading account and an entry level deposit sum that is a lot higher than what other brokers have to offer.

Nevertheless, the new generation MT5 platform, available both as an application and a web trader, as well as the luxury of a personal account manager, cement BronzeFX as one of the better brokers and service providers out there.

With video tutorials explaining all the intricacies of the platform and extensive educational materials to support them, BronzeFX is a broker that newcomers and experienced traders alike will grow to appreciate for its consistency and reliability.

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Reviews counted: 16
02/20/2019, 15:32
4 5
The platform is very stable, good response to MT4, which I was getting tired of with my previous broker. The trading pairs are sufficient. The order execution is fast, usually no requotes, even during the busy time. No slippages most of the time, spreads are pretty average, as is the leverage. I was surprised by the customer support though, they are always quick to answer and most importantly, they know how to answer my questions and explain everything in an easy manner. Glad to have found BronzeFX.
01/18/2019, 16:11
5 5
I am very happy with the service offered by Bronze. As a prior MT4 user having experience with many average and worse than average brokers, a friend recommended Bronze as a substitute and solution to all of my problems. After only a week on the new MT5 platform and I must say that it provides me with a much better experience across the board. Connection to the platform is great with an average ping of 10-15ms. Trade executions are fast, with low slippage. I only trade forex so I can't comment on the CFD side but they do offer quite a few. Withdrawal and support tickets are also handled with surprising speed, so thumbs up for their customer support service. Overall I'm a happy customer and hope to remain so for the future.
01/16/2019, 20:41
5 5
My bf and I decided to play around with forex, so BronzeFX happened to be the one we chose. Been with this broker for 2 months now and so far so good! My boyfriend did his first withdraw last week and he got it in 7 hours. AMAZING. We expected a day at least. Other than that, low spreads, 24/7 Live chat (they are super helpful and respond quickly). I love their client portal as well, super organized and easy to read. The platform was a bit hard to understand at first, still is, but all the tutorials have made the process a lot easier, and the customer support has helped us immeasurably. Best of luck!
01/16/2019, 18:14
5 5
I have done a lot of research while switching brokers for the past year and have landed at this company for now. They have made a very positive impression due with their customer service. I use live chat and it is always fast and concise. They understand the value of customer service. Additionally, they provide tight spreads, plenty of assets to trade with, market news, and flexible trading conditions in general. They earned my respect so far. I made $400 scalping in the last few weeks, so things are going well.
01/11/2019, 22:07
5 5
I rate Bronze FX a full 5 out of 5. The experience has been smooth sailing from the very beginning. Their customer service is second to none and they are very fast at solving any issues you might have. Highly professional and always there for me. I find the spreads very reasonable compared to my last broker. I am waiting for my third withdrawal to come in, first two were fast and successful.
01/10/2019, 18:43
4 5
Good quality broker with excellent execution of trading orders. Very nice account manager as well, explained a lot of interesting to me. Great trading order execution speed. No spikes, re-quotes, slippages. Very helpful support team, explain everything slow, simple, and understandable. No issues with privacy and security. Easy and intuitive website, platform. Educational materials help a lot, especially when you are new to the platform.
01/10/2019, 13:55
5 5
One of the most difficult tasks for me has always been to get a good broker which suits my trading style. I mainly look for no slippage based trading. I trade based on high impact news where the market remains very volatile and most of the brokers requote. Fortunately, BronzeFX has never thrown me any slippages in orders and has always been there when it comes to quick customer support replies. I really enjoy their service. Great broker.
01/05/2019, 05:43
3 5
The first 2 weeks were all good for me. Smooth as it can get actually. On the initial deposit, I made an extra $140 trading during the day. Now in my 4th week, things just keep getting worse and worse. I'm on the verge of losing everything in my account. It is like everything was rigged for me to start losing money. I don't know whose fault it is, but something is definitely wrong here.
01/02/2019, 13:01
4 5
So far I’ve enjoyed my experience, even though I'm still having trouble understanding all the intricacies. My coworker claimed she was making a week's worth of her salary every month just by spending 30 mins a day here. It would be stupid to decline the opportunity of an extra income, especially since she would teach me all the basics. I've only made $65 on top of my initial deposit so far though, but I can see that there is big potential. I can't compare Bronze FX to other brokers, but my coworker says its good, so I will claim the same.
12/28/2018, 19:15
5 5
I'm so sick and tired of over the top commissions. I'm tired of constantly having to convince myself that they're acceptable, especially when they can't be paid at all. Thank god BronzeFX doesn't bend you over and rob you of your money for every single little transaction you make. Also, it doesn't randomly remove funds from your account without any accountability. It seems like that's all it takes to be a good broker these days.
12/25/2018, 20:01
5 5
I was on the verge of quitting after my first $250 went down the drain in a week. 3 months of learning and trading based on trial and error, I know make that amount of money on average in a day or two. Thank God I persevered, because otherwise I would be just another hater, and now I kind of understand what it is like to be one of them. I'm paying for my family's holiday retreat exclusively with the money I earned trading here. You will not go wrong with Bronze FX, unless you suck at trading of course. Use that leverage to your advantage.

Even with small funds at first you can leverage them to hell, and literally make thousands if you have the slightest idea of what's going on.

Counting on luck also helps, but not always.

12/21/2018, 22:48
5 5
Because of my condition I have to spend a lot of time at home these days. I've wasted so much time already it is insane, so being able to out my time to good use and help my parents out financially feels great. I used another broker to train with since they don't have demo accounts here, but I failed with my first deposit, and my search for a new broker led me to I used my birthday money to open a new account, and have since tripled the money in just 3 weeks. Now I am super committed to this forex trading job, and my parents are proud of me. I thought trading stocks at first, but with no money it's impossible. Luckily, BronzeFX has good leverage and support, which is all that I need.
12/20/2018, 07:10
5 5
I was referred to this broker by a friend who already had a lot of good experience trading here. I opened my account 2 months ago out of curiosity, hoping I could make some money on the side, and I was right to think so. My degree probably helped me a lot, but either way, I have been making a steady $160-$200 every week intraday trading. I withdraw when I want, and sometimes leave a substantial amount within my account to improve equity and returns.
12/15/2018, 18:28
4 5
First thing I check after creating an account with a broker is whether or not he will screw me over with the withdrawals. I've made two so far - no problems here. Next, I see whether he screws me over with the platform's order execution speeds. No problems here as well, only minor fluctuations on the web platform when using my phone on 4g, but they're still better than many brokers flagship platforms. Spreads and leverage aside, which are ok, I see if my personal account manager is an intelligent human being who I will gladly work with instead of an ape reading from a predetermined list of questions and answers. Check here as well. This is only 3 weeks of testing though, but so far so good.
12/09/2018, 21:03
4 5
I am used to scams at every turn, so it is pleasant to have finally found a broker that ensures the best and most secure experience possible. Through communicating with my personal manager and the support team, it is easy to notice that these are people of very high integrity and total transparency. They stress how important it is for us to be successful not only financially but also educationally, so all the free educational material is very welcome.
11/15/2018, 13:09
5 5
5 years in the game and is definitely one of my favorite brokers to date. Keeps proving its reliability over and over for me, and the personal account manager takes care of any problem I have whenever the need arises. There is no secret hidden terms or anything like that which cheating brokers like to surprise you with. I will soon be able to transition towards an advanced account, that is where the real money will be made $$$.
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