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FX Bullion is a brokerage which offers innovative trading tools of online foreign exchange trading. It is one of the leading platforms to get efficient experience in trading. FX Bullion covers it all. You can trade CFDs on Forex, stocks, indices and crypto. 5 classes of assets, minimal trading costs and leverage up to 1:500.

With FX Bullion you can choose to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.
FX Bullion is well-known for its great analytic objects. You can count as many as 44. For your convenience you can analyze financial markets using charts and technical indicators.

Owner and data controller of this brokerage is Octa Markets Incorporated – P.O. Box 1510, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The website is owned and operated by 2021 FX Bullion Markets Incorporated.

FX Bullion Account Types

FX Bullion presents different types of accounts for a variety of budgets and trading abilities. There are Basic, Advanced, Premium, Diamond and Islamic accounts with different entry points and opportunities.

Visit: https://fxbullion.com

Type: Broker

Regulation: Octa Markets Incorporated


FX Bullion  advantages

Leading MT5 Web Platform

FX Bullion’s Metatrader 5 is a great tool with fast execution speeds, functionality, technical and fundamental market analysis, and customizability. You can use an application or web platform — no downsides with any of it. MT5 Application and MT5 Web Platform allow you to trade anywhere, anytime, on any device. Any browser or any operating system will work with MetaTrader5 web platform, the only thing you need is an internet connection.
Application MetaTrader 5 both suitable for Android and iOS. It provides you a diversity of order types and execution modes in one-click. You can choose from pending, market, stop, and trailing stop orders to gain all your planned profits and trading strategies.

Did you get used to not having enough pending orders? With FX Bullion you can place eight types of pending orders. That will give you more control over open positions. Check out also MT5 segregation between the terms of order, position, and transaction.

Wide Analytics

If you want to do trading in the right way, FX Bullion can be handy. The broker has a wide range of analytics: 44 analytic objects. For your choice there are: Gann, Fibonacci retracements, Elliott Tools, Geometric Shapes. The brokerage allows you to customize the appearance of graphical objects, so you can make your trading experience more pleasant.
MetaTrader5 trading platform provides an opportunity to download additional indicators to help out with all your trading requests.

Automated Trading

FX Bullion has a useful feature for beginners — it is a copy trading. So, if you are not a shark in stock market waters try to use this copy trading for your benefits and learn from someone else’s mistakes and best results. Also automated trading is incorporated into this platform, and it is always faster than any human can provide.

High-quality Education Materials

Whether you are a beginner or advanced trader with years of trading on you, you might equally find it useful to learn more from FX Bullion’s educational materials. There are professionally made courses and video tutorials explaining everything you need to know about basics of stock market and advanced trading strategies. You can find free articles, eBooks and financial advice.

Bonus and Loyalty Program

One huge advantage of FX Bullion is its generous bonus. When you start with their platform you can get up to 100% welcome bonus. All you need is just to make your first deposit, by the way the deposit can be as modest as only $50. For every trade you make you will get FX Bullion Tokens as a part of their Loyalty program.


Providing Personal ID

Keep in mind that FX Bullion requires you to scan personal ID. You might as well be ready to show an address proof for your account verification. It is more or less standard procedure for a lot of brokerages. But some crypto traders find it contradicting the original idea of cryptocurrencies (which are supposed to be not regulated).

Customer Support Team

Customer support is promised to be running 24/7 but, in reality, sometimes it could be hard to reach for help. And you can count on some delays with processing your requests. But otherwise the support team is decent and speaks English, Hindi and Vietnamese.

No Demo Account

A lot of newbies prefer to have the ability to test trading features before moving to real investments. FX Bullion does not offer a Demo version but if to be honest their $50 minimal deposit is lower than average. No worries: if you spend some time exploring educational tutorials and specify for account manager your trading ambition, you most likely will be able to multiply your deposit super fast.

The Verdict


FX Bullion proved itself as a trust-worthy broker with a lot of advantages and relatively minor disadvantages. Brokerage offers seamless transfers, zero commissions with no hidden fees and a variety of payment methods. The fact that you can trade stocks, indices and crypto in one place in one click saves a lot of your time which otherwise you would spend switching between different accounts and brokerages. When you start trading with FX Bullion you will notice that their spreads and conversion rates are better than offers from other brokers. If you are a beginner, you would find it really calming that the minimum deposit is only $50. Low entry point works great for unconfident traders who are just starting and want to protect themselves from risks and losses. BTC trading starts at a $100 deposit which gives you an easy opportunity to get into the crypto world at a low cost. From one hand the crypto market is volatile and from another a lot of risk-taker’s incomes have already skyrocketed with Bitcoin. For first-timers, FX Bullion has one more feature which will make their life less stressful. Negative balance protection is a part of the risk management system and provides a great service. If the account balance becomes negative, FX Bullion will adjust the account balance to zero. You will never be in debt or lose a bigger amount than your investment. That is a real deal.

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06/06/2021, 12:15
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I am with fxbullion.com for some time, due to few convenient options that this broker offers. I trade stocks, but chasing more ones which pay solid dividend, rather than just price difference. In this sense, it is very convenient that this broker had option of automatic credit of dividends to my account and there is also large number of both EU and US stocks which were available here. I was able to make solid portfolio.
06/03/2021, 15:43
5 5
Short Answer : Yes it worth it. Doing a SIP in TCS way better than normal bank FDs. By SIP you are averaging the stock price , So there is a little chance that you will be in loss. And you never forget the Dividend that TCS gives it worth a value. In Last 1 year TCS have given Rs 41 as dividend to me thanks to fxbullion.com.
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